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          The Law Offices of David M. Slater was founded by Mr. Slater in 1992 and has focused on the legal needs of growing businesses. Mr. Slater is a JD/MBA with extensive experience practicing real estate, commercial litigation, corporate, and media law. Additionally, Mr. Slater has substantial experience working as a CEO, COO, and General Counsel for several different companies in fields ranging from dietary supplements and organic supermarkets, to documentary film productions and health resorts. Mr. Slater also has worked extensively in the watch, cosmetics, OTC drug, and motion picture industries.

Some of Mr. Slater's long-standing clients include the following:

Teshkeel Media Group - a worldwide animation and comic book company.
The Institute for Personal Leadership - a leading management consulting and training company to Fortune 500 companies.

Hayden 5 Media - a dynamic, rapidly growing video production company started by two NYU Film graduates.

Bliss Media Group - a Grammy award winning independent record label.

Jonathan Shorr Art Consultants - a first rate art gallery that deals in both contemporary art and fine art masterpieces.

New York Press Photographers Association - the nation's oldest free press association.

Mr. Slater serves as a general counsel and business advisor for his clients who are successful and driven entrepreneurs in their respective media fields.

          From 2001 to 2008, Mr. Slater served full time as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for Gary Null & Associates, Inc. (GNA), a holding company for five other national businesses. During that time over 100 individuals from several companies reported directly or indirectly to Mr. Slater. Mr. Slater managed the companies' sales, marketing, finance, HR, and video production divisions.  He also served for four years as President of The Nutrition Institute of America, Inc., an IRC 501(c)(3) not-for-profit company dedicated to researching nutrition and health.

          As a result of his many years working as a CEO, COO, and General Counsel for various companies, Mr. Slater brings a wealth of management and legal experience that helps to illuminate and define his unique talent at understanding growing companies and their critical legal and business needs. He is particularly adept at assisting chief executives by taking responsibility for many of their legal and business burdens, so that they are free to pursue higher and more profitable business goals for their companies. By acting as a General Counsel for a company, Mr. Slater is closely aligned with management's interests and knows from the "inside" what a company needs in terms of its legal services and managing outside attorneys. Mr. Slater often seeks to bring more of the legal and business work "in-house" where it can be done for lower cost and will more closely reflect the needs and desires of management. Additionally, Mr. Slater can assist CEOs and other executives by allowing them to delegate to him important tasks, such as negotiating contracts, managing human resources, selecting insurance policies, reducing liability risks, and assuring compliance with all laws and regulations. Mr. Slater also advises companies with respect to strategic planning, marketing, taxes, and finance.

           Please feel free to contact Mr. Slater for a free consultation on how your company can benefit from having an in-house General Counsel.  The Law Offices of David Slater also provides general legal services in the fields of contracts, real estate, litigation, entertainment law, film and television production, labor law, trademarks, art law, private placements, and general business law.
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